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Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Old Corset Shop - A World of Wasp Waist Mannequins

I was browsing the internet last night and came across these wonderful old pictures of corset shops. I love old pictures and sometimes they don't seem quite real somehow. But this picture was only a moment in time for the ladies above and once the picture was taken, they went on with their daily lives. I wonder who they went on to serve that day, what their families were like and what it was like inside the shop.
The pictures above and below show corset departments on large department stores. Just look at the space and feeling of openess! How lovely to have the time to sit at one of the chairs at the long counters and be shown different corsets and look at the models. You can see all the boxes stacked behind the counter. I love the thought that some of the wasp waisted mannequins I have sold in the past may have started their lives in such a way. If only they could talk - what stories they could tell!

I love the picture below! Look at the curves on those mannequins. It is no wonder that so few of these kind of wasp waist mannequins remain, as they were usually covered in silk and were intended for daily practical use - not really a good combination for longevity!

If you are looking for the kind of female wasp waist dress forms you see above, then my new range of new wasp waist mannequins might be for you. See the new range here:

I have some exciting new mannequins coming soon, which hopefully I will be able to complete this week. I love working on new projects, so I should probably get back to it!

Speak soon, Julie.

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Evetherocker said...

Your the BEST! I recently discovered your talents on my search for a Dress Form. I really had my eye on the Mona Lisa ones and the patched style, but they are all very beautiful.