Vintage Style Mannequins

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Vintage French Stockman Mannequin - Wonderful Antique Dress Form

This gorgeous vintage Stockman French mannequin dates from around the 1920s/30s. I just love it when I find antique mannequins in this wonderful condition - gently aged, with all the signs which make her a genuinely vintage piece, but with no serious damage to the fabric covering.

The fabric covering has that lovely age darkened look, with some rubbing and fraying at the shoulders and neck. The Stockman markings can be seen at the bottom of the torso and also embossed into the original turnkey on the stand. I love her finial - more ornate than usual - and the warm colours of her stand.

Friday, 18 September 2009

My Latest Vintage Mannequin Additions

I was very lucky to find two superb c1890 vintage wasp waist French mannequins lately and have just added them to my site. One is a classic antique Stockman mannequin and all the superb workmanship of this premier make of mannequins is evident in the exacting seamwork. The other is a name I have not come across before - she is made by E.A.Merle and the makers mark can be seen on the fabric at the base of the torso, along with the address of the street in Paris where she was made. It is always fascinating to find new makes of antique mannequins, especially the wasp waisted variety! I can only think that this was an independent shop which made bespoke dress forms for individual customers, unlike Stockman, who produced mannequins across France. Who knows? But I would love to think that this beautiful wasp waist form was made specifically for a partucular lady, who could have then had her seamstress tailor her wonderful dresses using it.

I have also added a wonderful 1940s/50s antique Stockman mannequin.

To see these three vintage mannequins please click below: