Vintage Style Mannequins

Monday, 9 April 2012

Mannequin Monday - 9th April '12 - Introducing 'First Class'

This is the first new mannequin in my 'Mannequin Monday' feature. I loved this fabric when I first saw it and thought it would make a great fun mannequin. She is shown here as a size 8/10, with a corset laced back finish. You could change the lacing colour if you wanted, or have her in a size 10/12, or with a tailored back finish. See more details here: She is in the Retro Collection.

Julie x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thankyou to Karen for Sending Me this Photo

A lovely customer sent me this photograph recently of her new waspwaist mannequin settling into her new home.

Karen sent me the fabric to use for the tailoring - a very beautiful and heavily embroidered fabric. I love the opportunity to use new fabrics in this way and was very pleased with how she turned out.

Thankyou Karen for sending me the photo and I think she looks very elegant in her new setting.

I can use most fabrics to tailor with, so do get in touch if you have a fabric you would like me to use.

In other news ....

In a determined effort to use some of my collection of fabrics, new mannequins will be coming soon! I keep buying beautiful fabrics, knowing they will make beautiful mannequins and then not having the time to make them up. I am working on one at the moment which will be ready at the weekend.

Watch this space ...

Julie x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Vintage Mannequins Added Today

I have added a couple of vintage mannequins to the site today. I was lucky enough to find this lovely child mannequin a little while ago and have finally taken photos of it! The Christmas rush seems to be starting early this year, but I am determined to make new mannequins with the mountain of new fabrics I have collected, along with keeping up with orders. Lucky that I have a job which is also my hobby!

The mannequin below is a lovely example of a Stockman tailors form. You can see more pictures of her here:

Hope everyone has had a good half term. Speak soon, Julie x

Monday, 10 October 2011

Deadly is the Female

Claudia from 'Deadly is the Female' sent me these pictures of her window displays. I love it that some of my mannequins are part of such a creative and individual store! Her store is in Frome, Somerset and you can check it out at The first picture is an Alice in Wonderland theme and that's Claudia dressing it - she's not Alice!

This one is a Burlesque theme - love it!

I'd love to see any other pictures of my mannequins in action, so if you do have any then do let me know and email them over.

Julie x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Thankyou to Ideal Home Magazine & 25 Beautiful Homes

I didn't get chance to add these pictures at the time and so I thought I would do it now.
The first two pictures show my Florence mannequin in a room set for the Ideal Home Magazine Feb 2011 issue. It's great when I get to send off a mannequin for a photo shoot as I always look forward to seeing how she has been used and styled.
This one was a romantic, French chic setting. I can't wait to see how my Austen mannequin has been used in the room sets of the Ideal Home Show. I'll remember to take my camera when I visit and take a few pictures.
The pictures below were from the Jan 2011 issue of 25 Beautiful Homes.

I'm always willing to send pictures for articles, or loan out mannequins for photo shoots, so do get in touch if there are any projects you need a mannequin for.

Speak soon, Julie x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Fabrics for the Retro Collection

I've just got back from the post office with some great new fabrics for my Retro Collection.
I have chosen these four fabrics, which I think are bold and unique - just what I was looking for!

This one is called 'Como' and is a stunning design of butterfly wings and peackock feathers. Can't wait to get started on this one!

This one is called 'If She Sews She Knows'. My 'Home Sewing is Easy' mannequin has been very popular and this one is a similar theme, so hopefully she'll be a hit too!

Love this one - 'Peace'. Can't wait to see what she looks like made up.

When I saw this one - 'Dressforms', I couldn't resist. Well I do make mannequins, so how could I not buy a fabric covered in them!

I'm in the middle of a few big orders at the moment, but as soon as they are completed I have decided to focus on the Retro Collection for a while. I have a pile of fablous fabric just waiting to be made up and I need to complete the mannequins in this collection. Oh to have more hours in the day!
Julie x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Vintage Mannequins Added Today

I love unpacking my new mannequin finds and discovering what kind of condition they are in. It was such a joy to pull back the bubble wrap of this lady and see her looking so lovely - I think she must have the best condition fabric for a mannequin of her age I have seen in a long time.
She has a tiny 22 inch waist and such lovely tailoring. She is a French Stockman make and must have been used to tailor and display such wonderful gowns.
You can see more pictures and details by following the link below:

The mannequin below is a French Stockman c1940s mannequin, again in great condition.

More pictures and details can be seen here:

It has been such a busy and fulfilling start to the year! There are lots of orders to be completed, as well as exciting ideas for the future and new fabrics to tailor with. I'm off to the Ideal Home Show in a few weeks to get lots of ideas and also to see one of my mannequins being used in one of the room sets! More about that soon.
Julie x