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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Mannequin Added to the Retro Collection

Is it possible to become addicted to buying fabric?? I keep seeing gorgeous fabrics and think "Oooh, that would look great on a mannequin!" and then just have to buy some. I have an ever growing stock of fabrics and am slowly working through them to add new mannequins to the site.

I discovered Alexander Henry fabrics a few months ago now and just love his bold designs! This one is called 'Inked' and I think the scale of the design is just right on the mannequin - I'm really pleased with how she worked out.

I have some more of his fabrics in the collection and am now working on making them up into mannequins. It is so difficult to get a sense of scale when it is just a picture of the fabric, so I must get the mannequins in this collection completed. You can see more pictures of 'Inked' by following the link below:

If anyone knows of any more retro styled fabrics that they think would look great on a mannequin, then I would love to hear your suggestions!

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Have a lovely rest of the week! Julie x

1 comment: said...

Very cool! I love your mannequins! I cannot wait to purchase one. I live in the US.