Vintage Style Mannequins

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Introducing - Vintage Style Tailored Male Mannequins

I have been meaning to add male mannequins to the collection for ages, but time just seems to run away - where does it go! So this week I set some time aside and am pleased to introduce my first male mannequin! Its always nice to try something new and I think they complement the female and child mannequins nicely - it feels like I have completed the family at last!

I am hoping to add to the collection over the coming weeks and find some exciting new fabrics. In addition to using my own fabrics, you can send me your own fabric to tailor your mannequin if you wish.

To see the new tailored male mannequins you can follow the link below:

Hope you all had a good half term - not long to Summer now!

Julie x