Vintage Style Mannequins

Monday, 7 February 2011

Male Mannequins in the Theatre!

Sometimes, when I tell people that I make mannequins they say either "Wow that must be really interesting ... I've always wanted one of those." or "Wow, that must be really interesting ... but what do people use them for?" Over the years, I have sent them all over the world and for many different purposes, from attractive displays in homes, for retail purposes in boutiques, dressmaking and photo shoots, to name a few.
As far as I know though, they have never been on the stage ... until now!
I was contacted a few months ago by a theatre company in Slovenia, who needed some male mannequins for their new production of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'

They were duly completed and dispatched ...

How happy and appreciative was I to be sent these photographs of their debut! I love the colourful costumes and am sure the play was a great sucess.

Well, back to the sewing machine I must go ... a few interesting projects are on the go.
Have a lovely (if windy!) day.
Julie x