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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Vintage Mannequins Added Today

I love unpacking my new mannequin finds and discovering what kind of condition they are in. It was such a joy to pull back the bubble wrap of this lady and see her looking so lovely - I think she must have the best condition fabric for a mannequin of her age I have seen in a long time.
She has a tiny 22 inch waist and such lovely tailoring. She is a French Stockman make and must have been used to tailor and display such wonderful gowns.
You can see more pictures and details by following the link below:

The mannequin below is a French Stockman c1940s mannequin, again in great condition.

More pictures and details can be seen here:

It has been such a busy and fulfilling start to the year! There are lots of orders to be completed, as well as exciting ideas for the future and new fabrics to tailor with. I'm off to the Ideal Home Show in a few weeks to get lots of ideas and also to see one of my mannequins being used in one of the room sets! More about that soon.
Julie x

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