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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thankyou to Karen for Sending Me this Photo

A lovely customer sent me this photograph recently of her new waspwaist mannequin settling into her new home.

Karen sent me the fabric to use for the tailoring - a very beautiful and heavily embroidered fabric. I love the opportunity to use new fabrics in this way and was very pleased with how she turned out.

Thankyou Karen for sending me the photo and I think she looks very elegant in her new setting.

I can use most fabrics to tailor with, so do get in touch if you have a fabric you would like me to use.

In other news ....

In a determined effort to use some of my collection of fabrics, new mannequins will be coming soon! I keep buying beautiful fabrics, knowing they will make beautiful mannequins and then not having the time to make them up. I am working on one at the moment which will be ready at the weekend.

Watch this space ...

Julie x

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